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Show Off 20% Floor Finish - Multiple Sizes

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Sizes: 233G: 1 gallon (4/case); 233-5: 5 gallon pails; 233-15: 15 gallon drums; 233-30: 30 gallon drums; 233-55: 55 gallon drums

A 20% high gloss, super durable wax for weekly burnishing. Use with burnishing machines below 1500 revolutions per minute. Can also be used with trigger sprayers for quick buffs between burnishings by mixing 1 part 233 wax with 2-3 parts water. Spray, then buff with white polishing pad. Gloss builds quickly when waxing. Flows and levels nicely with a united high gloss finish.

This is a metal cross-linked floor finish with a tough, high-gloss and mar-resistant film. The special acrylic polymers used produce a durbale finish. Coverage: 1500-2000 sq. ft. per gallon. 

Picture of 20% Floor Finish4x1 gal/cs
20% Floor Finish4x1 gal/cs
sold by the gallon
SKU: 233G
Picture of 20% Floor Finish5 gal
20% Floor Finish5 gal
sold by the pail
SKU: 233-5
Picture of 20% Floor Finish15 gal
20% Floor Finish15 gal
sold by the drum
SKU: 233-15
Picture of 20% Floor Finish30 gal
20% Floor Finish30 gal
sold by the drum
SKU: 233-30
Picture of 20% Floor Finish55 gal
20% Floor Finish55 gal
sold by the drum
SKU: 233-55