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About us

Since 1974, 1st Ayd has been a family owned & operated B2B manufacturer and distributer of maintenance, safety, & jan/san supplies throughout the Midwest and across the United States. Our Sales Force of 100+ reps stand behind our broad line of 100,000+ products, serving as a one-stop shop for our customers.   

Our product line includes brake cleaner, hand cleaners, gloves, PPE, degreasers, disinfectants, paper towels, trash lieners, wipers, carpet care, hose clamps, wheel weight, fasteners, sanitizers, floor mats, deodorants, mops,  LED Lighting, Material Handling, Tools. Over 98% of orders ship same day, often arriving next day. We self-manufacture 100+ liquid and powdered cleaners, and 300+ products we contract package direct from factory partners under our private label. 



Help organizations do their job better – by helping them stay safe, clean, and well maintained



          Cheaper, Better, Faster!


What differentiates 1st AYD?

The owners are on the street everday as salesmen talking to the real boss – YOU, the customer

With employees, Sales Force, Customers encouraged to provide suggestions, ideas, complaints anytime 

We're small enough to care - big enough to make a difference.



Integrity We do what’s right for our customers, employees, and humanity at large. We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others with respect.

Customer-Centered: We start with the customer and work backwards. We pay attention to competitors but obsess over customers.

People Power means that our most important resources are human resources, because an organization is made or broken by the quality of its people; People with work ethic, ability, initiative, & a positive attitude. 

Kaizen is the Japanese word for “continuous improvement.” We expect all employees from the CEO to entry level employee to embody this habit.

Frugality: Do More with less. Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, & invention.