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Penetrating Lube Fortified w/PTFE 24x12 oz/case

SKU: 23
23: 24 x 12 oz/case; sold by each

Penetrating Lube fortified with PTFE is cost effective, lasts longer, and leaves protective film on parts reducing break-downs and corrosion from dirt and excessive friction. It quickly loosens parts that are frozen from rust, wear, or grime buildup. PTFE Lubricant does not dry or evaporate and it keeps working long after petroleum lubricants fail. 

  • Wide temperature range of -65oF to +475oF.
  • Ends broken drill bits.
  • Excellent tapping aid.
  • Prevents tool seizure and galling.
  • Water resistant and does not attract dirt.
  • Contains NO silicone.

APPLICATIONS: Excellent long-term lubricant for any moving parts including office equipment, electric motors, pneumatic tools, conveyors, motors, chains, locks, cables and hinges. 

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