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Open Gear Lubricant 24 x 12 oz/case

SKU: 17
24 x 12 oz./case

#17:  A truly efficient heavy duty lubricant. Apply to furnaces, hot surfaces, drag lines, shovels, elevator slides, winches, pennants and ropes. Also used on vertical columns, lift truck racks and pinions, printing press chains and slides. Excellent for stamping, forging, machine slides, cables, ready mix bull gears, cams, leaf springs, underwater linkage and ring gears. 1st Ayd Open Gear Lube has no chipping, cracking, flaking, or throw off. No mess, easy touch-up of gears. No heating required, easy application. This tough lubricant film has a high flash and melting point and retains lubricity at low temperatures.

Products specifications
Type Lubricants