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Colored Polo Wipers - Different Case Options

#999M - 45 lbs./case #999M25 - 25 lbs./case

#999M:  Color: Assorted. Size: Assorted wiper size. Consists of: assorted Polo shirts and T-shirts. Rags are soft and absorbent. Ideal wipers for polishing, grease and oil. For use in machine shops, auto and truck repair, roofers, tile installers, lawn maintenance, construction crews, and foundries. Alternative to renting at a lower cost. Colors may bleed if used with solvents.

Picture of Colored Polo Wipers25 lbs/case
Colored Polo Wipers25 lbs/case
sold by the case
SKU: 999M25
Picture of Colored Polo Wipers45 lbs/case
Colored Polo Wipers45 lbs/case
sold by the case
SKU: 999M